Yung Ho Chang. FAIA

Founder, Principal Architect of FCJZ

1984 Master of Architecture University of California at Berkeley
1993 Established Atelier FCJZ / Lijia Lu
2011-2017 Pritzker Prize Jury member

Lijia Lu

Founder, Principal Architect of FCJZ
Bachelor of Arch. of Harbin Institute of Architecture and Engineering
Master of Architecture of Rice University
1993 Established Atelier FCJZ / Yung Ho Chang

设计合伙人|Design Partner




Liang Xiaoning

Design Director

1st Grade Certified Architect


非常建筑在长期的实践中发展出自己对建筑的认识,将建筑理解为对空间(Space), 结构(Structure)与场景(Scenario)的同歩设计。其中场景指向功能、使用、内容或者生活,更关注其形式。三者都具有形式表达的能力。形式可能构成三者独自或统一的组织框架。虽然空间、结构和场景一直都是建筑学的核心组成部分,但直到近几十年,当建筑师越来越多地参与到策划(Programming)中去,这三个要素才获得越来越多的平等关注与深度融合。 一个项目的设计起点可能是三要素中的任意一点,同时必须尽快将另外两点纳入设计进程,使它们齐头并进。带着如此对建筑的理解,非常建筑设计实践的出发点可能是由某种特定材料构成的结构体系,也可能是某种纯空间,最终的设计成果则可能包括物质空间和/或物体以及使用方法建议,类似于产品的使用手册。换句话说,设计团队将人们如何使用设计纳入设计的一部分。 这可能有助于解释作为建筑工作室,非常建筑何以不断涉足其它设计领域,如家具、产品和服装。在他们看来,只有当三要素的内容不断互联互通,新的空间、新的结构、新的场景 – 亦或是新的生活方式 – 才得以诞生。

非常建筑在国内国际获得了广泛认可,位于广东的“坡地住宅群”设计被授予1996年度美国PA进步建筑佳作奖,柿子林会所设计荣获2004年度“WA中国建筑奖”优胜奖及2006年美国《商业周刊》中国设计奖,并于2019年由Domus杂志评选为世界最佳100+建筑事务所等荣誉。吉首美术馆项目获2020年度美国建筑师协会(AIA)建筑奖,2020 ArchDaily中国建筑年度大奖。

非常建筑曾多次举办个展:1999年,纽约Apex Art画廊;2002年,哈佛大学;2007年,麻省理工学院;2012年,北京尤伦斯当代艺术中心;2016年,上海当代艺术博物馆;2021年,深圳坪山美术馆。2008年非常建筑应邀在伦敦Victoria & Albert博物馆中央庭院创作大型装置设计。非常建筑还参加了众多国际艺术和建筑群展及双年展,包括六次参加威尼斯双年展。其作品、装置、建筑模型被伦敦V&A博物馆、日本越后妻有大地艺术三年展、北京中国国家美术馆、OCAT、深圳坪山美术馆和香港M+等机构永久收藏。

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu (FCJZ) was founded by Yung Ho Chang and Lu Lijia in the United States in 1993. In the past three decades, FCJZ has put emphasis on research and methodology and pursues innovations in making buildings with scales spanning between private house to industrial park as well as a wide range of other design products, from stage to jewelry. The Atelier’s work has been published in many architectural and design journals and websites.

Over the years, FCJZ has developed an understanding of architectural practice that can be described as the simultaneous design of space, structure, and scenario. Scenario refers to use, function, program, or life with a focus on the way in which it unfolds formally. It is suggested that there is a formal aspect to all three and form may provide the organizing frame to each separately or collectively. Although space, structure, and scenario have always been among the essential components of architecture as a discipline, only in the recent decades, they have achieved an unprecedented level of integration as well as equality when architects have been increasingly involved in programming. For a given project, the beginning point of the design could be any one of the three; however, it is critical that the other two must be brought into the process as soon as possible so that they can be studied and worked on as a whole. At FCJZ, with such a view on design practice, a building commission may be initiated from a structural system with a specific material or a pure space; the final design outcome may include physical space and/or object as well as a proposal for ways of use, similar to the user manuals of a product. In other words, the team makes imaging how people may engage design a part of design. This may help to explain how this architectural office often ventures into other design fields, such as furniture, product, and clothing, with relative ease. It seems to them, it can only be healthy when this architectural trinity constantly inform each other with the hope that new space, new structure, new scenario, or simply new ways for living, can emerge together.

FCJZ has been recognized with a Progressive Architecture Citation (1996) for a hillside housing project in Southern China, a WA China Architecture Award (2004) and a Business Week / Architectural Record China Award (2006) for Villa Shizilin, and as one of the 100+ Best Architecture Firms 2019 by Domus magazine, among others. Jishou Art Museum has won the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2020 Architecture Award and the ArchDaily China Building of the Year 2020 Award.

The Atelier has held solo exhibitions at Apex Art in New York (1999), Harvard Design School (2002) and MIT SAP (2007) in Cambridge, UCCA in Beijing (2012), PSA in Shanghai (2016), and most recently at Pingshan Art Museum in Shenzhen (2021). In 2008 FCJZ was invited to create a large-scale installation at the central court of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It has also participated in numerous international art and architecture exhibitions and biennales, including six times at Venice Biennale. Products, installations, and architectural models by FCJZ are held in the permanent collections of the V&A Museum, the Echigo-Tsumari Land Art Triennale in Japan, the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, OCAT and Pingshan Art Museum in Shenzhen, as well as M+ in Hong Kong.


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